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2013-2014 Block of the Month-

Hello Quilters:
It is that time of year again…time to start a new BOM! I am so glad to be designing something for you again, and I hope that you like it. Here are the details. Unnamed Patriotic Sampler
 This will be a skill builder of sorts.
 (2) 6” blocks will be made each month, featuring the same skill or block style.
 An OPTIONAL setting will be provided at the end of the year to bring all the blocks together.
 If you think you might want to use the optional layout you should know that is has a very strong patriotic theme. I would highly recommend that you follow my color suggestions. (Note: blocks will either be red and white, or blue. There is no need to
order your red and whites in the exact same manner, just keep it to red and white.)
 Of course, samplers can be set in any fashion and look amazing, so if red, white and blue are not your thing, please do what you love.
 Fabric requirements: 6” blocks don’t require large pieces of fabric. The biggest cut you will need is 6 ½”. So ⅛ yards and fat ⅛ and ¼ yards (and even scraps) will work fine. You will need variety to keep it interesting so I will suggest 6-8 red with white prints, 6-8 white w/ red prints, and 6-8 blue prints. Additional yardage will be needed for the setting, but I have not completely worked that out yet, so I will keep you posted.
 For some of the trickier blocks, I will post photo tutorials on the guild website, just in case you need them.
Hopefully that will get you started, but if I have left anything important unaddressed, you can contact me at cb.mimi@yahoo.com Happy Stitching, -Rana
click here for a quick link to Rana's email

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*Note-Block of the Month will be available through the Guild Newsletter for guild members only. Thank you!

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